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News - Dutch Road Safety Foundation (SWOV) encourages children to wear cycle helmets

In a bid to decrease the number of  deaths and injuries sustained by cyclists in the Netherlands, the Dutch government commissioned a report by SWOV.  Amongst it's findings SWOV has suggested that helmet wearing be made compulsory for child cyclists. SWOV has highlighted that 

- One third of cyclists  admitted to hospital with serious injury after a traffic crash are diagnosed with head/brain injury 

- Approximately three-quarters of these cyclists sustain this head/brain injury in crashes not involving a motor vehicle. 

- As many as nine out of ten young children who sustain head/brain injury, do so in crashes not involving a motor vehicle. In the majority of cases these are bicycle-only crashes. 

While it is not expected that the Dutch government will implement a law that makes it compulsory for child cyclists to wear a helmet, Minister of Infrastructure Melanie Schultz van Haegen has stated that she will be looking at ways to actively encourage children to wear helmets while cycling.